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Practical Queen AP: Chasing siLversands

by Silversands October 20, 2015

Practical Queen AP: Chasing siLversands
siLversands DNA and essence (if we use fashion business vocabulary) - everything is inspired by Barbados' beach of the same name.
Unique culture, nature's beauty, endless beaches, sea and ocean, shortly a secret paradise of Barbados filled with colorful butterflies, friendly chameleons and massive mangroves, it all has been encrypted in Lithuanian brand's DNA and translated by means of every single produced piece of clothing.
To sum up the description above and develop it just a tiny bit, Lithuanian siLversands is about bringing paradise and exotics to our urban life. It's all about bringing some fantasy to our pretty much ordinary and urban wardrobes. "Open the wardrobe and get excited when silver sand is pouring of there"... and stay free I would add from my side.

Practical Queen AP: Chasing siLversands

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