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Welcome to our website www.silver-sands.eu. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

Privacy policy

MB „Sidabrinis smėlis” (hereinafter – siLversands) is an important Our – Your Clients and other data subject person's data protection. Therefore, we are obligated to respect and protect the privacy of each data subject.
In this Privacy Policy, the general information about the performed data management by siLversands, data storage and rights of data subjects.

I. Basic Concepts

1. Personal data – any kind of information about a natural person whose identity is determined or can be determined (data subject); individual whose identity can be determined is a person, who's identity can be determined directly or indirectly, first of all by an identification like name or surname, personal ID number, location data and internet identifier or by one or few individuals physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social attributes of identity;
2. Data management – a sequence of operations or a operation, performed by any kind automatized or non-automatized tools with personal data or personal data kits, for example collection, recording, sorting, structuring, storing, adapting or modifying, extracting, accessing, using, disclosing, transmitting, distributing or in other ways creating a possibility to use them, as well as the matching or joining with other data, limitation, deletion or destruction;
3. Data recipient – natural or legal person, governing institution, agency or another establishment to whom personal data is disclosed, no matter if that is a third party or not. But, the governing institutions, that according to Union or national member rights has the right to receive personal data when conducting a specific research, are not considered to be data recipients; managing that data, those governing institutions follow the matching data safety rules of applied data management aims;
4. Third party – natural or legal person, governing institution, agency or another establishment which is not a data subject, data operator, data manager, or persons who directly by the data managers power of attorney are allowed to manage personal data;
5. Data subject agreement – by any kind of free will provided specific and unambiguous expression of will by statement or unambiguous actions of the properly informed data subject, with whom he agrees, that data related to him will be managed;
6. Data subject – natural person whose personal data is managed;
7. Data of special categories – personal data disclosing the racial or ethnical origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, memberships in professional unions, as well as data disclosing health information, data about the natural person's sexual life and/or sexual preference.

II. Personal Data

1. Legitimate criteria for the processing of personal data:

  • siLversands collects and further manages Your personal data only basing them on the legal basis provided in the personal data safety regulating legal acts:
  • With your consent;
  • in order to conclude and (or) carry out an agreement with you.

2. Personal data management aims:

siLversands manages data for the purposes of electronic merchant.

3. Managed personal data. siLversands manages this data:

  • with Your consent, personal data that you provide at www.silver-sands.eu (that is the main information, for example your name, surname, e-mail address);
  • personal data received when drawing up business (cooperation) agreements (name, surname, e-mail, phone number);
  • other data that is collected based on Your consent and which are defined in detail when you are requested for consent;
  • other data which is received seeking to conclude and (or) carry out an agreement with you;
  • CCT data, received when You visit siLversands store, located in: Dominikonų str. 3, Vilnius

4. Cookies

Seeking to improve Your experience when visiting siLversands websites, we use cookies – small parts of textual information which are automatically created when browsing online and are stored in Your computer or another end gadget. The information gathered by cookies allows us to ensure the smooth operation of the site, Your possibility to browse comfortably as well as to find out more about the behaviour of our website users, to analyse the trends and to improve the website and Your services, as well as the service provided by siLversands.

Cookies data is not transferred to third parties.
You can choose if you want to accept the cookies. If you a agree that your computer or another end gadget would be installed with cookies, you can change your internet browsers settings and to turn off all the cookies or to turn them on / off one by one. However, we note, that in some cases that can slower the internet connection, limit the performance of certain website functions or to block access to the website.

5. Personal data storage term

We store Your personal data no longer that it is needed for the aims of data management provided by the legal acts, if they provide a prolonged data storage term. We do not seek to store old or useless information and to ensure, that personal data or other information about the clients would be constantly renewed and true. 

6. Provision of personal data

siLversands provides Your personal information:
With your consent, to clearly defined data recipients;
To institutions or organisations according to the requirements of legal acts;
To other third persons with Your consent, which can be received upon a specific case.

III. siLversands personal data security measures used

siLversands online activity complies with all requirements of international legal acts, European Union legal acts and Lithuanian Republic legislature requirements respectively.

1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

siLversands , while managing data subject's personal data, complies with the General data protection regulation requirements and has implemented the respective tools ensuring organisational and technical personal data safety which help to protect personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, change, disclosure, as well as from any other illegal management.

IV. Procedures for the implementation of data subjects' rights

You have the right to:

  • Refer to siLversands with a request to provide information about siLversands managed personal data of Yours (“the right to know” and “the right to be familiarised”);
  • Refer to siLversands with a request to correct or destroy Your personal data, when You determine, that the data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate (“right to correct and destroy”);
  • Refer to siLversands with a request to discontinue the management of Your personal data if you determine that the data is managed illegally or unfairly (“right to discontinue”);
  • Refer to siLversands with a request not to agree that Your personal data would be managed further (“right to disagree”);
  • Refer to siLversands with a request to delete Your data when personal data was managed illegally or personal data is no longer needed in order to achieve the goals for the purpose of which the data was collected and otherwise managed (“right to be forgotten”);
  • Refer to siLversands with a request to provide information about the siLversands managed personal data and to receive data in a systematized, commonly used and computer-readable format (“right to data transfer”).

Implementing these rights, You can contact siLversands in a way suitable for You:
E-mail: info.silversands@gmail.com
Phone. +370 65621602.

In case of a failure to resolve the issue with siLversands and if the operation/failure of siLversands concerns You, which may not respect this Privacy message or the legal acts requirements, you have the right to address a Supervisory institution, which is responsible for the revision and control of personal data protection regulating legal acts.


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